Loop Puls Chaser undergournd metal detector



Range>10 meter
Alarm ModeSound

Product Description1. Introduction Dear customer, Congratulations on your purchase of the professionally-built metal detector LOOP PULSE CHASER To avoid possible operational errors please read this instruction manual with due care. We wish you much success with your new LOOP PULSE CHASER and will be at your disposal, if any questions should arise. Your LOOP TECHNO SYSTEMS Team 2. Scope of delivery LOOP TECHNO SYSTEMS Combi (depending on scope of delivery in set included)


  • Electronic unit with integrated high-performance li-ion battery, leather bag equipped with shoulder straps
  • 25 cm (10″) and 45 cm (18″) waterproof searchcoil and 2-part carbon telescope pole
  • Cylindrical coil, 5 cm (2″) Ø
  • 2 x 2 m (20 fit) search frame, 8-fold demountable incl. backpack
  • mobile quick-charger and additional inverter with car charger cable
  • facile headphones
  • case

ID: In this search mode the discriminator comes into operation. Thereby an optical and acoustical discrimination takes place. The various metals are signaled through differing tones and conductivity values. AM (all metal modes): All metals are indicated acoustically and optically through the value number (without discrimination). The metals are not tested for their conductivity. This position has the advantage, that you can detect with highest sensibility and through the value number one can evaluate the object’s depth position. The lower the value number, the deeper the metal object is hidden. The object’s shape can also be identified. BAT: Scale to control the battery condition. If display shows a value of approx. 100 the device is fully charged. OFF: Inoperative RESET: Automatic zero balance. By pressing the RESET-button the device is aligned to the respective ground surface. FREQ.: Frequency setting controller – the smaller the item you are searching for, the smoother the adjustment must be. VOLUME: Volume control. LED: The optical reference to a metal in the AM and ID mode is shown through the blue LED. The green LED indicates the frequency pulse. Back Side: At the back 3 connection sockets are located:

1. Socket for coils: The connector for the coil is left-hand sided. The plug of the search coil has to be plugged into the socket. Before removing the plug, the jack must be pressed; only then it is possible to pull out the plug. The connector is compatible with all search coils. 2. Socket for charger 3. Headphone socket: Any commercial headphones with 6.3 mm jack can be plugged. If you use the headphones, the speaker is turned off. Matching, light-weight headphones are provided. 4. Search process Please absolutely note the following:
6. Installation The assembly is easy and carried out with a few simple steps:
1. Install the telescope bar by pushing the adjustable carbon tube into the armrest. 2. Connect the telescope bar with the search coil and wrap the cable of the coil around the bar. 3. The electronic unit is placed in a bag; insert the plug of the search coil through the lower opening of the bag in the intended mounting socket. 7. Appropriate handling Hold the search coil approx. 2 to 5 cm parallel to the soil. Due to the pulse induction

Examples of different conductivity values:light metals (e.g. aluminum)
gold and precious metalapprox. 20-50
approx. 50-80
approx. 85 and over

AM (All Metals Mode)

All metals are visualized without discrimination (here the metals will not be examined for their conductivity).
This position has the advantage, that you can detect with the highest sensibility; through the indication value one can evaluate the object’s depth. The lower the value number, the deeper the metal object is hidden under the surface. The shape of the object can be identified also.


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