Gs 6000 Underground Gold Metal Detector


Product Details:
Model Name/NumberGS6000
Usage/ApplicationGold detection
Country of OriginMade in India

GS6000 detector is a kind of Upgraded Underground Metal Detector with the large detection depth and other features,mains used on the field of detecting the Metal objects,gold and silver treasures buried underground;also used on the military mine sweeper,mining department and archaeological research;the police criminal investigation and so on.

Technological Specifications:

Max. Detection Depth: 8.5m

Master Frequency: 465KHZ

Signal Frequency:433HZ

Working Power:3W

Power supply: lithium battery

Material: Metalworking+ABS

Display: Needle and Alarm indicator

Operation Mode: Ground Balance And Discrimination Mode

Discrimination mode:

To distinguish ferrous metal from nonferrous metal and also can neglect the small metal object so as to choose the large one in the same kind of metal

Ground balance mode:

To eliminate the effect of ground mineralization

Usage: Detection for gold,silver,and other metal objects

Features:Eliminate waste iron and mineralization reaction

Application:Detecting for gold,silver,treasure,and other metal objects etc


Max. Detection Depth is to 8.5m

Strong Resolution to Precise Positioning Effectively

High Quality Imported Raw Materials,Stable on Performance&Package

Multi-functions plane,Upgrading Searching Coil

Saving Energy And Durability


Additional Information:

  • Production Capacity: 100
  • Delivery Time: 7


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