Global, 24/7 response time as well as online customer care support are all benefits of working with our enterprise. We take your security measures as seriously as you do and would not hinder nor limit the scope of your security concerns for anything. We provide support online, on- call and on-site. We also provide training as well as maintenance services to reduce the amount of time spent not-screening. Time is of the essence when dealing with security and we understand this issue just as well as you. This is why we do not compromise on our support systems.

Our services include the provision of baggage X ray scanners and walk thru metal detector rental services.

We also offer baggage x ray scanner repair services.

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Our systems are of world-class specifications and standards. Therefore, it is only apt that we offer the same, in terms of training. Online and on-site training is available for our clients to get you up to speed with your newly acquired products. This training focuses on configuration protocols, maintenance processes as well as logistics and upgrading matters. Because your security measures usually require a security detail.

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In order to maintain the integrity of your products, you need to have experts fixing and setting up your equipment. Having the correct repair technicians could make a difference in how well your machines perform, how long they last and ultimately, whether or not warranties will now be void or not. Our support network is open 24/7.

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Our staff and technical team are there to support you 24/7. We are aware that you will require assistance with equipment during the day, overnight and especially on weekends and holidays- which is most likely when your events will be taking place anyway.

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Being tech savvy is not only for teenagers social media fanatics. In order to keep up with security concerns, we have to be forward thinking. Many terrorism acts take place or begin on the internet and find their way into our schools, hospitals, offices and even churches.

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