Sharpshooter double-channel body security detector

1. Line resolution: This equipment can make out single solid core copper wire with nominal diameter of 0.0787 mm (AWG40);

2. Spatial resolution: It can make out line pair less than 1.0mm;

3. Detection mode: Open-type continuous recycling detection platform that can simultaneously detect a few people and their small handbags;

4. One-time detection dosage is no more than 0.05uSv;

5. It can “see” substances hidden in human body and realize overall detection to the key hiding parts of human body;

6. During the security detection, it can not only make thorough inspection, but prevent invasion of privacy, also it displays multiple imaging colors;

7. On average, it takes 2-3 seconds to complete the detection;

8. A simple and convenient key to operate the monitor for detection and screening to the image;

9. Low light X-ray scanning detection equipment with clear image can detect drugs and suspected drug belongings hidden in the clothes, body and artificial limb;

10. 24-inch LCD display with the resolution up to 1920×1200;

11. Image processing: Super enhancement, detail enhancement, stereo display, anti-color, gray stretch, local enhancement, bit color etc;

12. Image magnification: Arbitrarily chosen, continuous zoom magnification 1-32 times;

13. Image storage: Automatic storage, selective storage; image query search function; support BMP, jpeg, tiff and other common formats dump function, one million images; support image dump to a USB storage device;

14. Double-channel installation data:

Model Weight Dimension (L*W*H) Working temp./humidity Power source Consumption
DC type About 800Kg 2950×2150×2650 -5℃~+40℃/10%


220VAC About 1000W
DC-A Type About 850Kg 6225×2150×2650 -5℃~+40℃/10%


220VAC About 1100W
DC-B Type About 1300Kg 2950×2150×2650 -5℃~+40℃/10%


220VAC About 1000W

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