Loop Scano Baggage Scanner

Loop Scano- 700 Security Scanner Gate/ Walk-Through Metal Detector System

Features and Functions

  • Multi-zone technology:24 detection zones,adjust sensitivity of each zone individually.
  • Touch screen:7-inch HDMI LCD touch screen,easy to operate and understand.
  • Mobile connection technology: realize mobile APP remote control(optional).
  • IP Grade: IP55 superior waterproof performance(optional).
  • Self calibration once power on.
  • Self diagnostic, it will inform the user when exit the system.
  • Start-stop technology:infrared devices with automatic start-stop technology.
  • Adjust the alarm sounds arbitrarily.
  • Adjust the working frequency automatically or manually.
  • Detection Technology:Even detection technology, no blind spot.
  • Professional detection process: built in 60 different detection occasions (providing upgrade services).
  • Working frequency: 100 working frequency.
  • Security level: 100 security levels.
  • Detection sensitivity of each zone: From 0 to 255 level.
  • Multi-alarm sounds to choose-to fit different applications.
  • Counter: Record the pass and alarm numbers.
  • Query function: The system has real-time information query function.
  • Intelligent Standby: The system has intelligent standby operation alerts.
  • Working Standby: 16 high-brightness LED indicator on.
  • Detection speed: more than 60 people pass and detect in 1 minute.


  • Model – Loop Scano-700
  • External dimensions – 2240*550*850mm
  • Vertical channel size – 2000*700mm
  • Packing size – 2330*730*330mm
  • NW – 67KG
  • GW – 75KG
  • Working voltage – AC90V~240V 50/60Hz
  • Power – 12W
  • Working frequency – 1-100
  • Working environment – 20℃~65℃
  • Installation environment – (W) 100cm* (L) 200cm (no metal in this range)
  • Highest standard – Metal size≥6g

Security concerns cannot be understated in today’s world. Schools, social gatherings, office buildings and until recently, churches, have all experienced incidents that raise the stakes for security companies to produce the most advanced and dedicated security systems. Loop Scano 700 is one of such systems.

The Loop Scano 700 fits the criteria for dedicated, advanced yet easy to use systems. When dealing with large crowds, efficiency is of utmost importance. The Loop Scano 700 can process information regarding up to 60 people within a minute. As far as advancements in technology, the system has a built in touch screen, which is user friendly. This can be utilized by the user to configure settings manually while updating or making changes in real time.

Still on technological advancement, this system can perform self-tests or self-diagnostics, thereby informing the user of any changes to security levels that need to be done. There are, incidentally, up to 100 different security levels and 255 variations available, for detection settings. In addition, there is a professional detection option that can also be upgraded. This boasts up to 60 different occasions whereby the system should and can be set up to detect varying security issues.

There are no blind spots in this system’s working area, and an EVEN detection is standard. Thus, once a radius is set for surveillance, whether between the doors or slightly further from the gate, the system will still raise alarm regarding any detections thereof. 24 detection zones are available for the user to configure based on security needs.

The system also boasts multi-alarm modes. This is crucial when dealing with items of different caliber that cause different levels of security threats. A quick change in the type of alarm raised e.g. from a beep to a siren, will signify to the user that something perhaps dangerous, has been detected. An example may be a metal piece on a backpack and a different alarm sound for a gun.

All these are standard features but there are a variety of options available for the client. The working environment settings for the Loop Scano 700 allow for it to be utilized in temperatures of between -20 to 65 degrees Celsius. There is, however, a waterproof option for superior performance even in adverse conditions. To add to the list of user friendly features, there is an option to connect from a remote location, using a mobile phone/tablet application. This connection is crucial when the user needs to update the system or to check for real time information that may have been missed when the crowd sifting through the security doors was perhaps quite large. This is catered for using the system’s real time, intelligent query system.

Logistically, there is no question that this system is easy to shift around. It weighs in at a mere 70 kilos (approx.).This will ease the process of loading or unloading it off a delivery truck or more importantly, moving it up a few floors to secure different areas in a building.

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