Single Zone Door Frame Metal Detector


Product Details:
Range2 meter
Usage/ApplicationAirports Banks Commercial buildings Courthouses Embassies Government buildings Military installation
FeaturesSingle Zone Door frame metal detector with counter.Detect Ferrus & Non Ferrus material. PVC body.
Channel size2000*700*400mm

Channel size:2000*700*400mm Dimension:2220*800*400mm Power supply:220V/AC Working temperature:–20°∼45° Power:<35 w Net weight :70 kgGross weight:75 kg Emission frequency of 3.27∼15 Pass rate:>60 person count⁄minutes meet a criterion G 815210–2003 (general technical specifications through metal detection) national standards
1.simple and generous appearance,reasonable price,simple operation, the most economical product.
2.overall detection,from head to toe,uniform and stable without blind area.Precision detection of guns,control tools.Make with advanced synthetic materials,fire-proof and moisture-proof. 3.according to the international standards of electromagnetic radiation,the use of weak magnetic field technology,the pacemaker wearers,pregnant women,floppy,film,videotape,etc.harmless.
4.the integrated design can be installed or dismantled in only 20 minutes,with installation and adjustment operation manual. 5.using digital,analog and left–right balance technology to prevent false alarm,greatly Loop Scano 1000Bimprove the anti–interference ability,intelligent alarm counting function,can automatically statistics personnel through number and number of alarm times.

Additional Information:

  • Production Capacity: YES
  • Delivery Time: 2-4 week
  • Packaging Details: 2


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