Multi Zone Door Frame Metal Detector


Product Details:
Metal Detector TypeWalk Through Metal Detector
Range2 meter
Modelloop scano 6 zone
Battery Charging TypeRechargable Batteries
FeaturesMulti Zone door frame metal detector with LCD monitor
BrandLoop Scano
Alarm ModeSound, Led Lights

LCD screen Walk through Metal Detector 6 Zones Door Frame Metal Detector Features: Easy to operate with the big LCD screen, Chinese & English operate language. Infrared remote controller adopted Made of high quality alloy and PVC synthetic material, Watertightness and fireproofing. 6(Six) detecting zones which overlapped each other area as tall as examinee combine with alarm-LED on every zone. Show the position of target metal directly. Four emitters match with receivers opposite, eliminate detecting blind spots. Sensitivities can be adjusted: Each zone’s sensitivity can be adjusted from 0 to 255. You can select the right sensitivity you want. For example you can change the sensitivity to avoid inferences such as the coins, keys, buckle, etc. The function of statistics: The number of passed examinees and the alarm times can be count. Parallel operation: The gate can not only work itself, but also work together with the same model (when parallel operate, the distance between each unit must more than 40 cm), so that it can meet the demand of big visitor flow rate. Harmless to people: The gate is harmless to people with cardiac pacemakers, pregnant women, tapes, videotapes, etc. Easy Assembly: Integrated design, you can assemble or disassemble it in 20 minutes with the operation instruction. Protected by password: Only the authorized person can operate it. Location signal display light: Display the responses of each zone apart (independent of alarm lights). Adjust the sensitivity of each zone according to the responses, and get the best sensitivities.

Application; Airports Correctional Facilities Public Buildings Private Buildings Schools Special Events Loss Prevention Nuclear Facilities Transportation Terminals Courthouses Corporate Security Historical Landmarks


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