KTS Pulse AR



Product Details:
Range6 meter
Alarm ModeSound
FeaturesRechargeable Batteries, Sensitivity Adjustment, Plugged in Charging, Built in Speaker
ModelPulse ar ii

PULSE AR IIA compact pulse induction detector for amateur searchers – precision Made in Germany

The PULSE AR II is an affordable metal detector with a maximal search depth of up to 2 meters. The metal search device is particularly suitable for hobby searchers and applicable for the search after small as well as large metal objects. The handling of PULSE AR II is really uncomplicated, previous knowledge or training are not necessary.

Outstanding search performance due to pulse induction technology, easy handling and a low weight makes the PULSE AR II essential for amateurs to search for small and large metal objects.
The demountable low weight carbon bar, the open coil and the portable electronic housing, which can be carried around the neck as well as on the belt, allows an effortless search and enables a fast and easy exploration of large areas.

Due to the discrimination search mode an optical and acoustical metal discrimination is possible. Various metals will be signalized in diverse tones and values of conductivity.

Electronic unit

The electronic unit is embedded in a solid high-quality box. The picture below shows the front with 4 operation elements and the new digital display.


The menu knob can be switched to 4 different positions:

  • Off: inoperative
  • Bat.: Display to control the battery condition. Battery should be charged, if a value below 120 is displayed.
  • MT: In this mode all metals are displayed without metal discrimination. Here the metals will not be tested for their conductivity, but are shown without metal discrimination acoustically and optically through digital display. This has the advantage that the search will be performed with the highest sensitivity. At the same time a depth measurement takes place which is visualized by digital display. The lower the value, the deeper the metal is located. Furthermore shape and size of the object can be determinated through display.
  • ID: In this search mode the discriminator comes into operation. Thereby an optical and acoustical metal discrimination takes place. The different metals will be signalized through varying tones and conductivity values.

AUDIO: Volume control

FREQ: Frequency setting controller -the smaller the object you are searching for, the smoother the adjustment must be..

RESET: Automatic zero balance. By pressing the RESET-button the device will be adjusted unto the particular soil.

Technical dataElectronic unit:

  • Search system: Pulse-induction-technology
  • Dimensions: 12 x 13 x 6 cm
  • Weight: electronic unit incl. leather bag approx. 0.9 kg,
  • coil with bar approx. 1.1 kg
  • Total weight of scope of delivery incl. packaging: 4.6 kg
  • Power Supply: integrated NiMH accumulator battery 12 Volt / 2 Ah
  • Operating time: approx. 4-6 hours
  • Quick battery recharger (approx. 90 minutes charging time), incl. 110V adapter


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