Gold Scan II Metal Detector



Product Details:
Alarm ModeSound
FeaturesPlugged in Charging, Sensitivity Adjustment, Rechargable Batteries, Built in Speaker
ModelGold Scan
Range6 meter



GOLD SCAN II – The best Gold Detector machine, developed and manufactured in Germany!

KTS-Electronic introduces the successor of GOLD SCAN 3D, the worldwide known gold detector.

With over 20 years of experience in development, production, marketing and usage of gold and metal detectors worldwide KTS-Electronic has great knowledge, which we have invested in the development of our new powerful GOLD SCAN II.

With a search performance of up to 30 % increase the new GOLD SCAN II is very impressive regarding gold and precious metal detection and was especially refined for the search after small gold pieces and nuggets.


Improvements of the new GOLD SCAN II:

  • Increase of search performance of up to 30 % regarding small gold pieces, e.g. gold nuggets
  • Higher sensitivity upon gold
  • New active ID metal discrimination mode for constant discrimination of the detected metals and display of metal type
  • A clearly arranged larger display indicates all necessary information constantly
  • Easy to handle with plain setting possibilities
  • KTS 3D visualisation software, preinstalled on the provided tablet computer
  • Wireless data transfer via Bluetooth®
  • Powerful short-circuit-proof Li-Ion battery with charger and additional car charger

GOLD SCAN II combines the technology of Pulse Induction metal detectors with a 3D visualisation software. GOLD SCAN II detects gold and other metals up to a maximum depth of about 5 meters, is even applicable on heavy terrain (i.e. strongly mineralized soil, bedrock) and can be used in water.

Since conventional metal detectors are not able to deliver further information about the findings, the application of GOLD SCAN II guarantees important clues on size, type and shape of the discovery. Therefore the effort of gold seekers and treasure hunters will be significantly reduced.

Practice has shown, that the use without tablet computer is proven to be convenient also. The lower weight during search is comfortable and a more flexible operation is given, should a loaded battery not be available. The wireless connection of tablet computer with GOLD SCAN II electronic unit takes place only after detection and automatical display of the metal type to indicate a 3D visualisation.

Electronic unit

The advantages of GOLD SCAN II compared to its predecessor are mainly that the sensitivity to gold and precious metals substantially was increased and the setting was simplified.


Equipped with only ON- / OFF – button and a larger display that indicates relevant information at a glance the search is eased significantly.

The new active ID metal discrimination shows the detected metal type on the GOLD SCAN II display instantly:


3D Software

In comparison to other gold detectors GOLD SCAN II is provided with an additional electronic which wirelessly transfers the measured data of a metal object via Bluetooth®. The KTS 3D software visualises these informations and immediately displays them on the tablet computer.

All programs are already installed on the provided tablet computer; for our customers who want to operate with their own laptop we enclose an USB stick, with which the software is transferred in a fast and simple manner.

The GOLD SCAN II visualisation software is composed of two program modules:

  • Recording process
    The received data is presented in a recording process in different colors (depending on signal intensity).
  • KTS 2D und 3D program
    The data of the objects will be displayed through the visualisation function in 2D and 3D-presentation.


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