Go – Find 20 En Gold Metal Detector


Product Details:
Alarm Mode Sound, Led Lights
Range 2 meter
Material Mild Steel, Iron
Automation Grade Manual

I found that running with the iron mode selected worked best as it will give a nice low grunt on bottle caps, while in non-ferrous mode some bottle caps will register as a coin. Once the coil passes over a target you will hear either a low tone for iron or a nice high tone for anything non-ferrous as well as a blinking icon to indicate what the target might be.

For a first outing my son and I headed to the beach, and it wasn’t long before he was recovering his first coin, then another. I almost had to fight him to let me have a turn! As expected this is a nice light machine and my son had no problems detecting for about an hour without becoming tired. The recovery speed of this detector is quite impressive – you can swing as fast as you like and it will let you know that you have passed over a target.  This little detector also goes deep, with a couple of coins coming from close to 8 inches in the damp sand.

While on the beach I wanted to see how it performed on wet sand. Moving down to where the waves were washing in I started getting a little falsing, so I reduced the sensitivity by one notch and found that the GO-FIND 20 settled down and worked perfectly well in the wet sand.


Additional Information:

  • Item Code: 3231-0001
  • Production Capacity: 50
  • Delivery Time: 7


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