DRS Stealth Scanner 3D Metal Detector



Product Details:
Range10 meter, >10 meter
Alarm ModeSound
FeaturesSensitivity Adjustment, Plugged in Charging, Built in Speaker, Rechargeable Batteries
ModelStealth Scanner

Stealth Scanne


 Our 3D STEALTH SCANNER is a world premiere. It’s the first “invisible device that allows you to find cavities, voids, tunnels and metals up to several meters below your feet. It also features a long range mode that allows to step in the direction of strong electromagnetical field disruption up to 50 meters around. It includes 8 super geophysical sensors (SGS70) that fit in a jacket. Everything is controled by a tablet PC. It’s very easy to operate as only 1 button is required to perform ground scanning in all 3 modes. Voids and metals appear in real time on the tablet PC, no need for a remote computer to analyse data.

1) The first thing you have to do is select the long range mode to identify sources of electromagnetical disruptions.

2) Then use the 3d scanner mode to identify the nature of the target thanks to one of the 8 colors: metal, mineral deposit, stone, empty void, full void….You can also see the shape of the target.

3) Then use the sonar to determine depth of the target. The DRS 3-D Stealth Ground Scanner Pro also allows you to see the depth of the target. You will notice the depth indication of the target below the surface is shown in meters. To determine the depth, the device sends signals into the earth and listens for the response. As the device receives responses, the signals appear on the graphic in green on your display. The area, at which white and green signals are equal, is the depth of the target. You will see the the target depth shown numerically in meters.ez

Why buy the Stealth Scanner ?

  • Scan for metal and cavities up to several meters
  • Identify electromagnetic interferences up to 50 meters around
  • All 8 sensors are hidden in a jacket
  • Device is controller by tablet PC, no need for remote PC
  • Easy to use, no need for complicated settings
  • See the depth and nature of the detected targets

Stealth Radar comes with :

  • Installed 3D Stealth Ground Scanner Pro Software
  • Tablet Computer
  • Tablet PC Charger
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Lithium Ion Battery Charger
  • Sensor Carrying Vest
  • Carrying Case for Complete System
  • Required Cables
  • DRS 3D custom software comes in 8 languages: english, german, arab, turkish, persian, french, italian, russian
  • Detailed Instructions
  • 2 Year Warranty



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