Loop Tech Systems I Secure solutions for insecure situations

Loop Tech PLC is a diversified multi-national, offering security solutions while also providing personal care products through our King’s label, to our esteemed clients.

We bring the most advanced and intricate security technology where it’s needed, locally and globally in airports, sea ports, security-sensitive institutions as well as social gatherings.

We deliver where others don’t. Our systems are manufactured, assembled, configured and maintained by a team of specialists who are highly competent in their fields. We endeavor to provide safety in a variety of situations lacking in this department. Our screening products are befitting for private establishments, public buildings, government offices as well as outdoor social gatherings and conventions.

Our personal care products meet and exceed quality. We advocate for a healthier and happier society as a whole, ethically and diligently. 

Communities: we provide walk-through scanners to detect and pin-point any and every item that may be deemed a danger to civilians- in social gatherings as a whole. These might be hidden in pallet sized loads or carried on a person.

Institutions: Our baggage scanners are equipped to scan up to 60 people-uploading this information in real time, within a minute! This is great for universities and offices alike, where huge crowds sift through entries at any given time.

Ports: Regarding luggage being carried by guests or office personnel, we have machines with the capability to detect the tiniest and largest packages.

Offices: Government offices as well as immigration and other public offices are not left behind. Our baggage scanners can carry and scan loads of up to 200kgs- with ease.

Hand-Held scanners:  For swift screening purposes, we provide top-notch scanners that can be used to detect metal on individuals and in bags or parcels.

MISSION: Providing sound security solutions within communities, establishments and transit ports, efficiently and effectively.

VISION: To consistently counter security issues, with affordable and practical resources to.

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