Information regarding current investors and possibilities for new investors can be sourced by emailing us on our sales@ account.

We are always looking for investors to finance what is in a large part, their business. Our research and development department is always looking to make better and safer products, ones that are also cost effective and logistically sound. We encourage investors from far and wide and we guarantee that their investments will be of a sound nature.

  • The company’s Strategic Plan mission and vision
  • A balance statement
  • Reports (annual reports/ financial standing/ assets in holding)

Corporate governance

Our company’s policy on good corporate governance is subject to what helps to run the company in an orderly, ethical and responsible manner. This will be brought about by implementing an efficient and effective framework and protocols, assigning authority and accountability where it’s due, subsequently leading to an effective structure for risk management.


We at Loop Tech believe that social responsibility begins within the company, not outside.

We adhere and continue to promote a strict code of ethics. These ethics are primarily for employees to work together in a just manner, cooperating and coordinating activities that promote and exemplify what we stand for as a company. We strive to ensure that we always comply with EOE rules and regulations, as well as keeping an open mind and open doors for any new and innovative ideas, both from our own employees and the community at large.

As far CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, this is taken care of from the onset.

Our products are not only user friendly they are also environmentally friendly. It is always recommended that our products, once old and at the scrap level, should be disposed of in a responsible manner.

We practice CSR by contributing to charities and organizations that are in line with own codes of conduct and ethics. Any charities that promote safe living, healthy lifestyles and the promotion and facilitation of secure and conducive environments for our children and their guardians is entirely supported us.

We offer support and participation in animal care, child education, environmental conservation and protection as well as social development, in conjunction with leading organizations and NGOs.

We have a set criterion for those we do and do not support. These criteria can be found on our website or upon request, through our company’s email address.

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