Loop Techno Systems PLC was launched in 2011 as a proprietorship after that became a globally recognized and reputable Private Limited Company in 2017. Our products meet and exceed international quality standards in manufacturing and after sales service.

We strive to bring excellence in food grade products and security solutions make for a safer and happier world. Using precision, technological advancement and expertise, we are a customer centric, economical and assured way for our clients/customers to ensure the safety of their community.

Significant progress has been made in expanding our portfolio maximum products. As we become more customer-centric, we’ve taken initiative and introduced an internet based platform for ecommerce; www.hiloramart.com, for efficient technical support and response to our customers. Our vision is to become a leading multi-national company in the provision of effective security solutions to governments/private companies alike.

We have a wide, partner and support network that gives us the ability to cater for customers in India and globally. Our Loop Scano Brand of Products includes walk-through metal detectors, a range of baggage scanners and of course, hand-held metal detectors, milk feeding bottles,breast pumps.

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Our products meet all standards and regulations mandated by governments or institutions alike. We provide security solutions globally, therefore, we not only comply we live up to expectations.

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Unparalleled efficiency

Security screening need not be a hassle. Our systems screen/scan and upload information in real time, leaving more than enough time to counter problems and implement security measures.

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Nothing can be more annoying than an overly intricate system when dealing with security. Time is of the utmost importance. Our systems are easy to maintain, configure and update. Our walk-through and baggage scanners have LCD screens to display ALL the information that has been collected.


Culturally and People Oriented

The security solutions we offer are complimented by after sales service that is available globally, to ensure that you are getting the most out of your equipment. Regardless of where you are located, we will have a team working with you, online or physically, to ensure your systems are tailored for your specified needs.


Supported Networks/Countries

With Loop Techno systems, our products are local network supported. We also ship to a number of countries worldwide.

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Quality Assurance

Regular maintenance does not begin after we sell a product. It begins before the products leave our factories. All our equipment is checked for compliance with stipulated standards worldwide and regular checks are made to ensure that any new requirements, globally, are being adhered to.

We have the following professionals as part of our diverse and elite team

  • Agents for the procurement of raw materials
  • Personnel to take care of quality control
  • Production workers, their supervisors and managers
  • Research and development workers
  • Skilled and less- skilled employees (Trainees)
  • Sales and marketing personnel
  • Warehousing staff
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